Teresa Nguyen

Owner & Director at Ba Bar

Teresa is co-owner of Ba Bar and helps run the day-to-day operations with her husband Eric Banh. She helped open the first Ba Bar on Capitol hill and was intregal in the success of all three locations. You can read more about Teresa and the history of Ba Bar over on the Our Story page. Here’s some interesting details about Teresa:


Hố Nai, Vietnam

Previous Jobs

Project Manager/Financial Analyst at Boeing

First Restaurant Job

Managing Ba Bar

Favorite Seattle Restaurants

Monsoon (of course). I just had the best tamarind soup, grilled trout, eggplant there—so delicious. Other favorites are Imperial Garden (in Kent), Bar Del Corso, Sushi Tamura, L’Oursin, Tamari Bar

Favorite Late Night Snack

Prosciutto, bread, olive oil, and green olives.

Favorite Vietnamese Dish

Ba Bar’s Oxtail Phở

Describe a Perfect Day

Eating delicious food and being awoken by the sound of the waves.

Alternate Universe Career

I’d still be at Boeing

Favorite Part About The Pacific Northwest

Seeing the fall colors, the mountains and water close by, being able to take a day trip to small islands like San Juan, Lumi Island, Coupeville…

Next Vacation Location

Vietnam, Europe

Favorite Movie

Mr. Sunshine or Casino Royal

What have you learned?

Think before you speak (I’m still practicing this). Trust and respect your instinct. Learn to let go. When you have put in your best effort and it’s not going well, let it go.