Charles Frank

Sous Chef at Monsoon Seattle

Charles has worked off and on for Saigon Siblings since 2013. He currently holds the title of Sous Chef at Monsoon Seattle.


Army kid, no hometown.

Previous Jobs

United States Army

First Restaurant Job

Mr. Travis’s BBQ in Lawton, Oklahoma

Favorite Seattle Restaurants

Big Mario’s, Le Pichet, Lyon’s Grocery, Taco Bell

Favorite Late Night Snack


Favorite Late Vietnamese Dish

Bún Bò Huế

What Do You Do On Your Day Off?

Sleep and read.

Alternate Universe Career

Video game developer.

What Do You Like About The Pacific Northwest

The weather.

Where Are You Going On Your Next Vacation?

What’s a vacation?

Favorite Movie

Star Wars

What Have You Learned?

Thinking is sometimes hard but everyone ought to give it a try.