Sophie Banh

Executive Chef & Founder

Sophie Banh is Executive Chef and (alongside her brother) co-founder of the Saigon Siblings. You can find her most days working in the kitchen of either Monsoon Seattle or Monsoon Belleuve (or both!). You can read more about her and her husband Sowady’s history as well as the origin of the Saigon Siblings on the Our Story page. Here’s a few interesting facts:


Saigon, Vietnam

Previous Jobs

Bank Teller

First Restaurant Job

Server at Phillips Seafood in Baltimore

Favorite Seattle Restaurants

Lark, Nishino

Favorite Late Night Snack

Hawaiian Pizza at Pagliacci

Favorite Vietnamese Dish


Perfect Day Off

A perfect day is getting up early to work out and then heading into Monsoon to say hi to the staff. Maybe have a bowl of phở with a cup of green tea. At the end of the day, I enjoy coming home to see Red, who is our four year old boxer.

Alternate Universe Career

I would own my own fresh produce market.

Favorite Part of The Pacific Northwest

Fresh Seafood

Next Vacation Location


Favorite Movie

Mama Mia

Favorite Book

Pok Pok

What have you learned?

Work hard, work hard!