Jon Christiansen

Beverage Director at Monsoon & Ba Bar

Jon has been working with the Saigon Siblings since the very early days of Monsoon Bellevue where he started as a bartender. Since then, his creative cocktailing prowess and leadership skills have led him to the job he currently holds today as Saigon Siblings Beverage Director. Here’s a few highlights from Jon’s daily grind:


Vista, California

Previous Jobs

Rancher, Soccer Coach, Fisherman

First Restaurant Job

Some Italian joint in Vista, washing dishes.

Favorite Seattle Restaurant

Café Flora (I don’t go out)

Favorite Late Night Snack

I don’t go out

Favorite Vietnamese Dish

Anything served in a claypot.

What Do You Do On Your Day Off?

Try to make my kids stop fighting with each other.

Memorable Restaurant Disaster

I once splattered cream sauce onto a Seattle City Councilman’s face and then tried to clean him off with the napkin I took off his lap. But then, my buddy served someone French onion soup with a strand of cheese running from his mouth to the guest’s crouton as he extended the bowl to him, so I didn’t feel so bad in restrospect.

Describe A Perfect Day

Seeing the Pixies in Budapest with my wife and hearing climate change is over while my kids hug each other and twirl around in circles for no reason.

Favorite Part of The Pacific Northwest

It affords me the opportunity and necessity to work all the time. And I love being around sharp, passionate and diverse people.

Alternate Universe Career


Next Vacation

Probably Hawaii with the kids.

Favorite Movie

True Romance, maybe. Parasite was great.