Eric Banh

Executive Chef & Founder

Eric Banh is Executive Chef and (alongside his sister) co-founder of the Saigon Siblings. You can find him most days working at one of the three Ba Bar locations or driving his son to soccer practice. Read more about his history and the founding of the Saigon Siblings on the Our Story page.


Saigon, Vietnam

Previous Jobs

Junior Accountant, Real Estate

First Restaurant Job

Busboy at Bentley in Edmonton

Favorite Seattle Restaurant

Bar Del Corso

Favorite Late Night Snack

Dark Chocolate

Favorite Vietnamese Dish

Oxtail Phở

Perfect Day Off

Sleeping in, eating good food, relaxing.

Alternate Universe Career

Stock broker or sociologist

Memorable Kitchen Disaster

In the middle of Saturday night service at Monsoon 20 years ago, the dishwasher broke down. We all took turn to wash the dishes.

Favorite Part of The Pacific Northwest

Beautiful summer weather and amazing seafood.

Next Vacation Location

Vietnam and Portugal

Favorite Book

Kitchen Confidential

What have you learned?

The more you learn, the less you know…