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We Give Back for Winter Wishes this November & December at Ba Bar U Village!

This November and December we are thrilled to once again be supporting local children and helping to purchase holiday gifts for those in need!

Join us on Tuesday, November 7 and Tuesday, December 5 at Ba Bar U Village where we will donate 10% of all food, drink and to-go orders to fund Winter Wishes at U Village benefitting local children in need. Many of the children receiving gifts are from families that shop at the University District Food Bank and this will ensure that they receive something they need or want for the holidays.

The Winter Wishes tree at University Village opens Friday, November 24. We will be taking 10% of sales from November 7 and December 5 to purchase gifts from the tags on the tree.

Organizations Your Donations Will Benefit:
1. Boy’s & Girls Club of Wallingford
2. Boyer’s Children’s Clinic
3. Children’s Home Society
4. Compass Housing Alliance
5. FamilyWorks Seattle
6. Friends of Youth
7. Mockingbird Society
8. Sand Point Family Housing
9. University District Food Bank
10. Boys & Girls Club King County
11. Ronald McDonald House
12. YouthCare

We hope you will join us in this effort on Tuesday, November 7 and Tuesday, December 5 to bring smiles to local children in need this holiday season!

If you’d like to purchase your own gifts for local children in addition to dining at Ba Bar on this day, please follow these steps.

1. Choose a tag from the winter wishes tree located in center court of University Village (between Ben Bridge Jeweler and Sole Food)
2. Purchase the gift for the child on the tag
3. Attached the tag to the UNWRAPPED gift and drop the gift down the chimney of the winter wish house located in center court of University Village.

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