Sho Sheller

Bar Manager

Sho has been working for Ba Bar since 2014 and is now running the bar program at Ba Bar Univeristy Village. You can see him in getting creative on the Ba Bar U Village Gallery page.


Kobe, Japan

Previous Jobs

Farmhand, Animal Rescue, Fire Fighter

First Restaurant Job

Le Grand Bistro in Kirkland

Favorite Seattle Restaurants

The Pink Door, Toulouse Petit, Umi Sake House, Bastille, Purple Dot

Favorite Late Night Snack

Ribeye Steaks

Favorite Vietnamese Dish

Bún Chả Cá Lã Vọng

Memorable Kitchen Disaster

I was a new busser, carrying down a ketchup pump which exploded all over me as I fell in front of a busy kitchen. Everyone burst out in laughter.

What Do You Do On Your Day Off?

Spend time with my 3 yr old son Dominic.

Describe A Perfect Day

Have a strong cup of coffee. Going on a morning hike, having a great lunch at a local Thai joint. Go lay on a sandy beach and listen to some podcasts.

Alternate Universe Career

Wrenching on motorcycles.

Favorite Part of The Pacific Northwest

The fact the sun is not taken for granted.

Next Vacation Location

Back to Hawaii

Favorite Movie

Gladiator or Knocked Up

Favorite Book

The Art of War

What have you learned?

Enjoy your shift.