Rob Ruetz

Bar Manager at Ba Bar Capitol Hill

Rob has been working with Ba Bar since 2013 where he has been both a general manager and a bartender. He is now running the beverage program at Ba Bar on Capitol Hill.



Previous Jobs

Office Manager

First Restaurant Job

Busser/Door Security at Frog and Firkin in Tucson.

Favorite Seattle Restaurants

Tavolàta, The Masonry, Matt’s in the Market

Favorite Late Night Snack

Metropolitan Market deli food

Favorite Vietnamese Dish

Bún Chả Cá Lã Vọng

Memorable Kitchen Disaster

The first day Ba Bar South Lake Union got rocked by a busy lunch—I was the GM, and witnessed Eric jump in the kitchen and help make food to keep up with the crazy pace. A patron asked if I was the manager on his way out, and he said “You have a lot to improve upon!” and stormed out. We fixed things quickly!

Perfect Day Off

Sleep in, go for a run, grab a beer at a brewery with my fiance Jessica, get productive, go to a nice dinner, come home and watch a movie.

Alternate Universe Career


Favorite Part of The Pacific Northwest

The weather, the scenery, and the progressive mindsets in Seattle.

Next Vacation Location


Favorite Movie


Favorite Book

Any book helping me learn beer better.

What have you learned?

Working with Ba Bar and for Eric Banh has taught me to be very detail oriented and to not ever be happy with just an “OK” job—try your best at everything.