Fernando Villagran

General Manager at Ba Bar U Village

Fernando has been running the front of the house at Ba Bar Univeristy Village since early 2019. Before that he worked for Klondike Brewing in Alaska and worked as a chef at Cactus in Kirkland.


Mexico City

First Restaurant Job

Denny’s in Shelton, Washington

Favorite Seattle Restaurants

Barrio, Lola, Shiro’s, and El Camion

Favorite Late Night Snack

Street Food

Favorite Vietnamese Dish

Lemongrass Beef Skewers

How do you spend your day off?

Mostly dress up as a character from the movie Frozen with my daughter.

Memorable Kitchen Disaster

Severely understaffed with 3 cooks when the rush merited at least the normal 9 cooks on the line.

As the rush came in we trained our 2 new dishwashers on the line. They were instructed to just do one thing each that would help the cooks to do what we do best: work as a team under pressure and focus on the first ticket while working on the rest of the food.

By the time the rush began to end and we were about to be too deep to get out alive, the rest of the kitchen broke through the traffic and came in to relieve us for the last 20 minutes.

Alternate Universe Career

Business Analyst

Favorite Part of The Pacific Northwest

All the green foliage and the fresh air.

Next Vacation Location

Mexico to visit family.

Favorite Movie


Favorite Book

From Good to Great

What have you learned?

There is no greater task that is done alone than one done as a team. If you can place that kind of faith and time into your employees you will reap the benefits in the form of achieved goals and pride in your work.